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R' Mordechai Lebhar

691 Classes

Rabbi Mordechai Lebhar  hails from prestigious yeshivot in Eretz Yisrael and America and has learned under some of the most prominent poskim of the generation. He is currently the Rosh Kollel of LINK in Los Angeles and the founder of Machon Magen Avot Publishing House.

He is known internationally  for his sefarim on the halachot and minhagim of hachmei morocco, Magen Avot, 3 volumes. These books have been instrumental in starting a renaissance in Israel and abroad in rejuvenating the knowledge of Moroccan Halacha and Minhag, and more recently published by Mosaica Press in English, Magen Avot Daily Halacha. These works as well as other sefarim he published and shiurim he gives can be seen on He can be reached at