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R' Dovid Goldwasser

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Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser is the Rav of Khal Bnei Yitzchok in Brooklyn, New York and serves on the faculty of Touro College. He is a prominent Torah personality, syndicated columnist, daily radio commentator, and acclaimed speaker, known for his exceptional ability to captivate and inspire audiences worldwide. Rabbi Goldwasser has traveled extensively, including numerous trips to Eastern Europe, connecting with individuals from every background and greatly impacting their communities. 

A popular author of over a dozen books, Rabbi Goldwasser is a recognized expert in the field of mental health specifically addictions and eating disorders. His shiurim contain inspirational stories of faith and encouragement, along with valuable Torah insights.

With a perceptive understanding of and sensitivity for each individual, Rav Goldwasser is frequently consulted on numerous issues. He spends countless hours counseling students, couples and families who seek guidance and direction in life.

Rabbi Goldwasser has received the Agudath Israel of America Communal Service Award, Award for Outstanding Service to the Jewish Community from the Board of Jewish Education, Distinguished Rabbinic Leadership Award from Jerusalem Reclamation Project, the Humanitarian Award from Beth Torah Organization of the Deaf, and the Special Achievement Award from the HEED Prevention Program for Young Adults.

Rabbi Goldwasser serves on the advisory board of Big Brother/Big Sister, HEED Prevention Program for Young Adults, Shalom Task Force, the Mentoring Program of the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office. He is a member of the faculty of The University Without Walls, and serves on the rabbinical board of: ChesedNet, Misaskim, Project SPARK, and MASK (Mothers and Fathers Aligned Saving Children).

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